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The allure of exotic hardwood lies not only in its beauty, but also in the value it adds to the home. When choosing exotic hardwood, keep in mind the following facts…

Exotic woods are generally much harder than the standard red oak, therefore they to tend to have more longevity than domestic wood in similar environments.

Rich natural colors and distinctive graining provide characteristics unique to each species. A spectrum of color can be represented within one exotic species, and as a result, no two planks are exactly the same, even those from the same box.

Over time, normal exposure to sunlight will cause exotics to take on a deeper, richer and darker look due to oxidation. For the first 8 months, rugs and other furnishings that block the natural light should be moved occasionally to keep color consistent. NOTE: this is not a product defect and is not covered by manufacturer warranties.

With prefinished exotic hardwood, the finish is important in the longevity of its appearance.  Unless otherwise noted, ARK FLOORS’ products are finished with nine coats of our eco-friendly, long wearing, UV finish that is permeated into each plank for lasting beauty.