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ARK offers two different hardwood flooring constructions, solid and engineered. Both of which are beautiful and long lasting.

Engineered Construction

The length of Ark engineered flooring ranges from 1’ to 4’ (a few products come in 1’ to 6’ and 1’ to 6.3’), with an average length of 2.3’ (a few products come in 2.5’). Each plank’s durable surface uses six layers of “cross-grained” natural hardwood under a premium top layer of your chosen hardwood species topped off with nine coats of our long-wearing, eco-friendly finish. Our engineered flooring is generally thinner than solid one, and should not be sanded and refinished more than 1 or 2 times. Its multi-ply construction provides more installation options than solid flooring as it can be used on, above or below grade and on concrete slab. All of our engineered flooring products are Phase 2 CARB compliant.

Solid Construction

The length of Ark solid flooring varies from 1’ to 6’ (a few products come in 1’ to 4’) with an average length of 2.3’. Each plank is a single 3/4” thick, solid piece of your choosing species of wood, topped with 9 coats of our long-wearing, eco-friendly finish. Solid construction can be sanded and refinished repeatedly if necessary and, for this reason, is often the preferred choice of homeowners who are not restricted by installation areas. The construction can be used on or above grade.